Your time at AICCEDS Educational Group is an investment into your future. We are committed to making the lives of our students at AICCEDS so enriching and exciting that they remember them as the best days of their lives.

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Why You Should Study With Us

There are many other reasons for choosing the faculty, including our commitment to ensuring that all learning and research is supported by the best facilities and technology.

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Education And Student Experience

Our tours include comprehensive education programmes that feature live multimedia seminars, presentations from subject experts, and exciting workshop activities.

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Placements & Recruitments

we invite you to explore our website. Learn the depth of our executive search expertise and take advantage of the resources we offer to our client partners and candidates.

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Future Projects Planning

When you’re young you might think you have all the time in the world, then all of a sudden you have to start making important choices.

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Faculty & Staff @ Dhanpatti Dharma Degree Collge,Azamgarh

Faculty that is indeed enviable. Faculty that can take the position of a true mentor and a role model. Faculty that doesn't just delivers great lectures but is always ready by your side to help you challenge your limits. .

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Faculties @DDDC AZM

Name Designation Qualification Date Of joining
Dr. Heera lal Mahato Principal & HOD B.Ed/M.Ed 03-02-2008
Jyoti Sonkar Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 01-03-2006
Amarendra Kumar Tiwari 21-05-1978 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-03-2008
Dr. Chandra Prakash Mishra 01-08-1978 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-03-2008
Dr. Jayant Kumar Singh 10-05-1979 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-12-2010
Hawaldar Tiwari 31-07-1973 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-03-2008
Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh 15-05-1976 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-12-2010
Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma 20-05-1978 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 03-12-2008
Vinay Ranjan 10-06-1980 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 16-06-2017
Surendra K. Singh 28-09-1977 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 16-06-2017
Ravindra Singh Yadav 24-06-1982 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 16-06-2017
Preeti Srivastva 06-09-1985 Lecturer B.Ed/M.Ed 16-06-2017
Mamta Verma 16-07-1992 Lecturer PG(Drawing & Painting) 16-06-2017
AshutoshMani Dubey 08-05-1985 Lecturer PG(Drawing & Painting) 16-06-2017
Ajit Shukla 10-02-1984 Lecturer PG 16-06-2017
Arun Pratap Singh 05-12-1982 Lecturer PG 16-06-2017